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Posted by amalia on November 1, 2016

Nature Explorers at Grow Benzie

Register for Nature Explorers classes at Grow Benzie by contacting or 231-871-0276.    My environmental education organization, Nature Explorers International (NEI), has recently found an incredible community partnership at Grow Benzie. At my new office and classroom space, I have the opportunity to both ground NEI in the community, and give it room to flourish. My

Posted by amalia on July 21, 2016

Women Who Travel Solo Series

I’m very honored to have been featured in Something In Her Ramblings travel blog as part of the Women Who Travel Solo Series. I hope that my story about volunteering in Uganda will help to inspire other women to travel solo in Africa. Lauren Salisbury’s travel blog focuses on providing resources and tips for solo travelers

Posted by amalia on April 21, 2016

Sunset Over the Sahara

  Observations from the plane on my first trip to mainland Africa for this week’s Throwback Thursday (January, 2011)…   Vast plains of sand spread below the airplane window as the orange light of the setting sun illuminated sandy peaks and a winding river. The Sahara desert is the largest in the world, covering one

Posted by amalia on April 19, 2016

Make a Leaf Rubbing Poster

  After trekking for two days through a Thai bamboo jungle with a stomach bug, I arrived in a small Karen village. I was sick, muddy, sweaty, and exhausted. But the first thing that I did was find the children and took out the bubbles, crayons, and paper that had traveled all that way in

Posted by amalia on April 14, 2016

Deep in the Colombian Andes

A thick blanket of clouds settles above rolling valleys of green and high peaks of blue. There is a wildness among the calm, a mystery behind the seen, a danger lurking beneath the beauty. The Northern Andes mountains of Colombia are home to incredibly unique animals and vibrant cultures that have been threatened by civil


Welcome to Amalia Explores! I am an environmental educator that loves to travel, teach, take photographs, and share knowledge. Wherever I go, I teach Nature Explorers International programming to local children, and seek unique wildlife encounters. As a solo female budget traveler, an educator on the road, and a lover of random animal facts, I hope that I can help you explore your next travel destination! Learn more about me here.

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