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Did you know that I teach live online classes during the school year for Outschool? An online learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

I offer after-school clubs for subjects ranging from fossils, crystals, and volcanoes to reptiles, birdwatching and exploring the world! Art projects, science experiments, and worksheets are provided to supplement live classes. 

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The below ongoing classes will be offered weekly, from September through December, 2022, on Mondays and Wednesdays:

AGES 5-8

Birdwatching Explorers Club

Discover birdwatching techniques while learning to identify interesting birds of the world. 

Herpetology Explorers Club: Reptiles and Amphibians  

Meet live reptiles and amphibians and investigate bones and turtle shells!

Junior Paleontologists Club (Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Sharks)  

Create art projects and science experiments about prehistoric life!

Earth Science Club

Explore the rock cycle, crystal shapes, fossils, volcanoes, landforms, and the water cycle while creating art projects and science experiments.

Earth Science Club 3  

Take a deeper look at the different types of rocks and fossils, the layers of the Earth, underwater volcanoes and astronomy. 

Junior Wildlife Biologists Club

Through crafts and games, learn about major animal groups and habitats.


AGES 8-12

Nature Explorers International Club

Learn fun facts about the unique wildlife, plants, and landforms around the world.

Nature Explorers International Club 5- Prehistoric Wildlife 

Travel back in time to learn fun facts about prehistoric creatures! 

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